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Yves Rocher is a company founded in France in 1959 focusing on cosmetics. Today, experts work through the chain to create efficient and sensible products using the vegetable kingdom. At Yves Rocher you will find make-up for all occasions, skin care for all skin types and high-quality perfumes for every taste.

Yves Rocher is one of Boostified’s long-lasting partners. Through the various collaborations Boostified has had together with Yves Rocher, our influencer have been involved in testing different products from their range.
This campaign was slightly different from the others. In this campaign the selected influencer made a skin analysis in some of Yves Rocher’s stores, just to ensure that they got products to suit their skin. After 2 weeks of using the products, the influencers posted the results on Instagram – which was amazingly successful!

With 41 selected influencer from our network, the campaign ended with a total of 15.494 likes and 839 comments. The range reached up to 305.000 with a engagement of 5.36%. The combination of plants and beauty has proven to be a winning concept.

Engagement 5.36%
Likes 15.494
Comments 839
Reach 305.000 personer

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