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Meet our developer at Boostified ?

“Boråsaren” Christoffer Siggelin is a developer at Boostified, he has done large parts of the development of Boostified’s digital solution. Christoffer has a degree in interaction design, but discovered during his studies his talent for programming. Previously he freelanced and have done everything from advanced sites to iOS apps.

In the summer of 2017 he got tired of sitting at home in his underwear and joined the Boostified team!

At Boostified, you learn something new about Influencer Marketing every day. A world I had little knowledge of from the beginning with my 38 followers on Instagram. But of course it is important that you want to get involved and have great interest in this very exciting and changing industry.

At Boostified it happens a lot all the time!

When Boostified was born in 2016, the network was unique in offering companies collaboration with micro influencers. Today, there are many competitior who offer camppaigns with micro influencers. Boostified has become great by constantly working with innovation to stand out and be able to offer something unique that no one else offers.

Working at Boostified is challenging and fun!

A major milestone was when we cracked the big “tax mystery” of how we would manage to pay corporate social security fees to all our members, which is one of Boostified’s strongest service right now.

At Boostified you will be highly involved in the marketing of the future while doing everything from sitting and coding throughout the day to sometimes producing advanced excel calculations to calculate tax models for current tax rules. With our development, we are always several steps ahead.?

I’ve lived in Malmö for 11-12 years now, Boostified has its HQ here, it’s a city you can’t move from. Malmö is a city that offers everything a big city does but is a small town. No matter where you live in Malmö, it’s a cycling distance to Boostified & you have the closeness to Copenhagen. The best must be spring’s first sun in April at an outdoor restaurant in Kødbyen. A week ago I also fixed so that we brew our own beer in the office which we will drink on Friday!

I am always looking for more colleagues. Do you know Front-end & Java Script well, are awake, become even more awake with coffee and have easy to see new structures and get “Gothenburg jokes”. Apply to career.boostified.com!