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Welcoming two new stores: KOL & VACKER ??

Last week two exciting new companies were launched for Boostified Pay; the hair salon VACKER and the restaurant KOL in both Malmö and Helsingborg. This allows you as a creator, to visit KOL and pick up a take-away lunch or dinner and visit VACKER and get your hair done at their hair salon in either Malmö or Mölndal. Everything in exchange for posts on Instagram!

According to statistics from Instagram, over 25 million brand accounts are active on Instagram and 80% of Instagram users follows at least one of them. A total of 90% of the top 100 brands in the world have an Instagram account, which indicates that Instagram is a pretty successful platform to use if you have a brand and want to promote it.

In addition, 60% of Instagram users actually discover new products on Instagram, and over a third of Instagram users use their mobile phones to buy and consume products online. In addition, it makes them 70% more likely to actually buy and consume than non-users of Instagram.

How does it work?

We think this is absolutely fantastic and we want to help local businesses grow and expand, especially in times like these. If you own a company or a brand that is not yet connected to Boostified Pay – send us an email and we will connect you! info@boostified.se

Boostified Pay helps you drive traffic to your stores and restaurants! As of today, we have 31 stores connected to Boostified Pay, in addition to KOOL and VACKER, for example, also Designtorget, Holy Greens and Vapiano. Do you want to be one of them?

We offer 10 free posts on Instagram where micro-influencers visit your store or restaurant. No obligations or requirements are needed. To get started with Boostified Pay a QR- code is sent to your store and you can log in via your account on the platform. The QR- code is visible at the checkout, where creators can complete their payment by scanning and then publishing a post. Simple as that ?