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We are switching things up!

We are constantly striving to evolve and time by time, finding new ways to make our service easier for YOU, our members!

We flip the switch on our QR-code

This means that from now on, it will be easier to use Boostified Pay, both for stores and our members. As oppose from how it used to be, today our members can easily scan the QR-code themselves.

Every newly and already connected store will get their individual QR-code sent to them. This code will be visible by the register and will operate smoothly as a payment at checkout where the influencers will scan it before receiving their product. How cool?!

Public marketplace

Say what? It’s true! Everybody can download the Boostified app on App store or Google play and browse through all of our available campaigns without even having an account on Boostified. This makes it easier for you to really get a chance on spotting a campaign that you are interested in, before applying to our community.

So, now there are no excuses!? Download the app and browse!