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How to succeed with your content ?

Matilda Warme works as a photographer and digital creator at Boostifieds sister company Creative peoples. They are experts in social media! We asked Matilda if she could give us her best tips to succeed with your social media and how to take the perfect picture for a collaboration.

Is it still important to spend time organizing your feed or is that not as important anymore?
It is ALWAYS worth the time. But don’t confuse a well planned feed with the same editing, colours or pictures planned after a grid. Look at it as an outfit: You can mix and match different kinds of styles with your clothes and still pull it off and look spontaneous! It just takes a little bit of time but it’s worth it!

The best apps for photo editing?
If you’re not used to do editing I would recommend you VSCO, After Light and Snap Seed. They are simple and good! If you want to step it up a bit, I recommend you to download Lightroom and Photoshop Fix. Not that they are more complicated, it’s just that they can manage pictures with high resolution in a professional way. Perfect if you want to take pictures with your SLR camera and edit on your phone.

Do you have any recommendations to think about before a collaboration?
Research the company and their image carefully. Try to find a balance between your brand and the product/service that you are advertising. This will increase your engagemang and trust.

Do you need a kick ass camera to succeed as an influencer?
Of course not! You should, with or without a SLR camera, take the time to explore how to work with different kind of lighting in the right way. Natural light or lights doesn’t matter, as long as you can manage both of these correctly, the pictures through your phone will look amazing!

What is the most common “mistake” you see on instagram?
There is no right or wrong, but you can always improve and develop the quality of your content!

Can you give us an example of creating a still life picture with hair conditioner?
As for all kinds of products they should be placed in it’s right environment where you actually use the product.

Ahh ok! How can I create a picture for a collaboration with for example.. vitamins?
If the product isn’t photo friendly, it is even more important to reconsider the environment you shoot it in. Vitamins is a product you use during breakfast, so this environment is perfect to capture it in and if you have the possibility to show yourself in the picture as well, it will increase the engagement.

Lastly, do you have any supertips to share?
Produce content that feels fun and creative! To work through instagram opens up amazing opportunities but can also be hard,just like any other work. Wellbeing is key for any kind of succes! Enjoy life!

Nice!! Thanks Matilda. If you want to read more about Creative peoples check out their Instagram here. And don’t forget to follow Matilda on her Instagram as well!