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This weeks BIG WOW!!

You can not have missed the BIG WOW from last week!!
We had a collaboration with the blogger and influencer Moa Mattsson.

Moa has showed the functionality and usage of our payment tool Boostified Pay on her blog and Instagram. During one day she visits both Designtorget and Holy Greens, and she got products by paying with a post on Instagram.

“The whole idea with Boostified Pay is exactly that, that you should be able to recommend products you like to your friends/followers and at the same time support the stores…You can choose from many different campaigns and when you find something that suits your profile you show your personal code and scan it in the register instead of paying with your credit card. So no money is being drawn, instead you pay with a picture of the products on your Instagram (within three days!). How cool is this?!” – Moa Mattsson

You pay with a post on Instagram.

As we mentioned in a previous post; recommendations on social media are crucial, since most people today chose to buy products and services based on what other people recommend.

Do you want to know more about Boostified Pay? Send an email at info@boostified.se

And of course you want to read Moa’s full blog post! ❤️ (it’s in swedish)