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This or that with our Booking Manager ?

The last interview you got to know our CSO Aleksis a bit better and since we have a fantastic HQ at Boostified with inspiring, hard working and creative coworkers we now have one more ? for you! This time we proudly present (drumroll).. our Booking Manager Tilda Håkansson!

Describe Tilda in three sentences…
Wow, tricky question… I have a background as a fashion student who’s been interested of marketing for a very long time now. Im also label as the granny at the office due to my non-existent technical knowledge… Can we skip the last part?? ?

What is your position at Boostified?
I book the campaigns that we have on our platform and help the customer with navigating the platform. Making sure they get the right info, and handle the completed campaigns as well. You could say I function as the bridge between community and sales.

What is the best thing about your job as BM?
That is definitely that I get the best of both worlds, since I am in the middle of the both teams (community and sales) and have the luxury of hanging out with them both! And then I love being able to communicate directly to the customers ?

What is the best thing about working at Boostified?
We are a small team, just like a family❤️. And we work in such an inspiring environment, with other inspiring people. I am for the first time in my life excited on sundays about going to work the day after.

Name three things on your to-do-list!✍️
Make sure all the campaigns starting in march are good-to-go, prepare for a community team meeting and taking our office-dog Bill for a walk?

Alright, we are playing “this or that!” Honest answers please?

Linkedin or Facebook?

Fashion inspiration or travel inspiration?
Fashion inspiration.

Being forced to walk an entire week in an outfit you wore when you were six years old, or an entire week in an outfit your grandmother owns??
Hm, the 6 year old Tildas outfit. If it still fits that is..

A hot chocolate in the skiing-tracks or a mojito at the beach?
Can I spike the warm chocolate hehe? In that case, warm chocolate!

Breakfast for dinner of dinner for breakfast????
Breakfast for dinner of course??

Thanks Tilda! What do you want to read more about? Email us at community@boostified.se