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Ten things you didn’t know about Boostified ?

If you get 10 out of 10 we will buy you cake! ?

1. We started as an idea from our sister company
Our sister company Creative Peoples, that is a social media agency received a lot of requests about influencers. After some successful campaigns, Boostified was born!

2. We are more women than men
Girlpower ?

3. We love to celebrate things, both big and small!
We go through at least one cake, one package of cookies and countless of cinnamon buns per week.. Because we get a new client, new influencers, birthdays.. You name it. Everything is worth celebrating!

4. The packages was packed at our office in the begin
As a start up company we didn’t have the budget for a stockroom and employees to pack the packages so we packed everything in five square meters.

5. We have 5000 influencers in our community
Something we are very proud of ❤️

6. 50% of our employees have started as interns!
When you start your intern at Boostified you get a lot of responsibilities. If you can handle that there is always a possibility for a job afterwards!

7. We speak a lot of languages
We speak finnish, arabic, japanese, german, swedish, danish, polish, spanish, english, kurdish, portuguese and french. And some curses in serbian..

8. We arrange activities every month
Last month we did padel and on monday we’re going to do yoga. It’s important to come out of the office and do fun stuff together!

9. We play hiphop/rnb at the office 90% of the time!
But sometimes we throw in some ABBA, Spice girls and Håkan Hellström to spice things up ?

10. Our motto is..
“I will win, not immediately, but definitely. Let’s go viral!”

That was all for this time! What do you want to see more of? Send us a email on community@boostified.se