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Hope you have not missed reading this short but oh so important text?

Recommendations of products and services on social media is something we see on a daily basis. To create appealing and interesting content with pictures, movies and texts demands both time and engagement from you. But what are the guidelines to follow when you start a collaboration?

It is important that you who recommends a service or a product have knowledge of the guidelines that applies. So read up before you publish a collaboration. Be distinct and straight forward from the beginning so your followers know that they are being exposed for advertisement. The practice from the Swedish “Reklamombudsmannen” sets high demands on that consumers easily shall be able to identify that the content contains advertisement before they engage furter.

Tag your post as ad

To avoid misunderstanding and clandestine advertising we always have a headline in all our campaigns in our app that is called “Ad labeling”. There we recommend that you already in the beginning of your text for your post write “in collaboration with”.

Of course you can recommend whatever products and services you want. But when you participate in our campaign you will get products as a compensation for your recommendations. Therefore you are always obligated to add the ad labeling in the beginning of your text on our collaborations. ?

Any questions about our terms? Send us on email on community@boostified.se