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Dare to be creative- 3 simple guidelines

In today’s society where everything is becoming more and more digital, most of us associate influencer marketing primarily with consumer marketing, meaning Business to Consumer (B2C). Nonetheless, influencer marketing can serve as an influential tool for Business to Business (B2B) as well, in their mission to reach target audience and is gaining larger interest than ever. However, the circumstances of Covid-19 has resulted in other turns than what any of us could have foreseen, challenging a lot of sectors and amongst them, the strategies behind B2B-sale and how to deal with it through this crisis. We want to help with 3 simple guidelines on how to think in times like these.

Out with the old & In with the new

Because of everything that is happening, we all need to adjust and not only adjust but also modify. We are facing challenges that requires us to think broader and more creative than before which brings us to our first tip. Different times demands for different mindsets. None of us knows how long this crisis is going to last. We recommend that it is better to try and accept it, adjust to it and reconsider the strategies you already have in order to enhance, improve and make them more efficient to the situation.

Team Spirit

This is more important now than ever. A main factor to keep up with the team spirit in times like these is to make communication a priority. Take advantage of the possibility to work online. Start your day together and end your day together, it is still important to get the daily contact from your colleagues. Discuss what you think is challenging in this situation and come up with solutions together as a team. That way you will enhance your team spirit and simultaneously even enhance your business strategies.

Go Digital

There are numerous of tips on the internet right now on how to stay productive and effective during sell-meetings online. The most important thing to remember is to make this an opportunity rather than an obstacle. There are a lot of positive outcomes that comes from having meetings online rather than in person. For example it allows you be to more time efficient, maybe you will have time for a lot more meetings than you normally would in a day, and maybe you will think of new ways and possibilities for new stakeholders or collaborations that were not in your range prior to this.

It is safe to say that we all our struggling at the moment. But it is also safe to say that the companies that will dare to challenge themselves, the companies that dare to stand out and try new creative things and solutions, those are the companies that will go far and manage this crisis.
So, let’s to it together! ?