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Stay at home with Libero

Together with Libero a campaign was made to spread awareness about the importance of staying home, in regard to the Covid- 19 virus. In connection with this campaign, Libero donated 1 million SEK to “Save the Children” and “Giving People” to help as much as possible. The purpose of the campaign was to together with Boostified’s influencers, help spread the activity #stayhomewithlibero.

Everyone who applied for the campaign was accepted. Apart from the amazing campaign, Libero also donated a total of 1 Million to “Save the Children” and “Giving People”, who additionally received value checks for diapers to distribute to those in need. Furthermore, Libero stated that they do not want anyone to have to choose between diapers for their child and food on the table.

“We’re so excited to join #stayhomewithlibero! The background to our initiative is how much the Corona crisis affects our entire society – from the big to the small. Very many people find it tough on many levels, even financially and we see a great risk that children will suffer badly”.

The suggestion for the campaign was to encourage followers add a donation and of course to raise awareness with the hashtag #stayhomewithlibero, where other influencers – but also
anyone who knows they want to join and help – try to light up one, too many, quit dark everyday life. With everything from activity tips to the warmest of baby smiles, we can get help and get other parents to help.

Join us! ?? Upload your post on Instagram and tag with #stayhomewithlibero