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6 tips on how to maximize your sales on special days ?

The dark winter months are here but why should that matter when you have all the wonderful holidays ahead? During the holidays and special days, there is a great focus on promotions and marketing to increase sales. But the question is; how do you promote in the best way during these days?

Boostified’s CSO and Partner Aleksis Riihijärvi share his six best tips on how to increase your sales with trustworthy recommendations during these days. ?

1. .Be prepared and ready!
Is the landing page optimized? Is the website ready for traffic? Does the android and iOS mobile site work? Does the discount code received by influencers work?
Make sure everything works as it should and that you are ready before you start a campaign with external parties.

2. Choose the right influencers for your campaign that matches your targets
All influencers are unique in their own way. Some are creators, others are inspirers and there are those who are good at create traffic and engagement. You should first set up your targets for your campaign and after that you can choose your influencers. Think of this example: you collaborate with 50 influencers, whereas 25 of them are creators who created useful (UGC)user-generated content and the remaining 25 influencers are inspirers. Other than their expertise you will get a high reach, you use 50 different people with 50 different target groups.

3. General discount code instead of personal
To be able to do swipe-up (direct linking through stories) you must have at least 10,000 followers. That means that micro-influencers can only drive visits to your landing page via their biography, it is usually reserved for their blog or their personal website. One tip is to use a general discount code that will be used by all the influencers participating in the campaign. The advantage with a general discount code is that it can be spread much wider. Compared to a personal discount code which is more suitable when you want to track traffic for one specific influencer.

4. Trust
In collaboration with influencers, it is very important to create trust. Let your influencers recommendations be creative and let them make their mark on the collaboration. Of course it is important to mention what usp:s, values ​​and how a shorter company presentation should look like. One recommendation is not to have overly complicated processes internally, it makes work difficult for everyone. If you want to inspect the post once before publishing it is totally okay but don’t go in and edit too much! We promise you that the results will be better then.

5. Think long term
Far too many people think that one post is enough to create success. We at Boostified always recommend three steps to achieve success with collaborations. Three steps in three posts where the focus is 1. Brand building, 2. focus on the product and 3. call to action. It gives the follower an honest chance of being exposed three times. In the huge media buzz that exists today, it is important to stand out and be seen at different times. Today’s consumers do not trust companies and advertising, but what they do trust is other people, even people they do not know. A general rule is to think 3-6 months, then you are on the right track, with that said do not let the campaign end after Christmas.

6. Existing customers
Your most trustworthy recommenders are your already existing and satisfied customers. Review your internal systems, newsletters, recurring email addresses and see if you can find someone who is also active on social media. You will be surprised by how much a long-term and healthy relationship can do to boost your sales.

Do you want to know more? Send Aleksis a email at aleksis@boostified.se