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Yes! Boostified is ready for the global market and with you everything is possible. Please call us and let us know what we can do for you!

No. We help brands with products, service and e-commerce. We let our influencers apply to the campaigns we have in our marketplace which determines how big the campaign can be.

First of all.. it’s super simple! When you get accepted to join our community you can apply to our campaigns on our marketplace. In each campaign you can read all the necessary information, such as deadlines, hashtags, mentions etc. You will get a notification if you are approved in the campaign or not!

– 18> year
– Minimum 1000 followers
– At least 50 pictures on your instagram
– Your account needs to be public
– You must be in a region where Boostified is available. Boostified is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark.

Other things that we also take in consideration when you apply is:

– Boostified is looking for accounts that consistently produce high quality and creative images.

– We don’t accept any accounts that have used any services that inflate your follower count or engagement rate.

– Your followers must be real people and not bots, which means that your following should be built up organically and not by using any type of “follow trains”.

– Your account should contain original content that is created by you, we don’t accept accounts that post mostly memes, quotes, screenshots or reposts. We don’t accept fanpage accounts or brand accounts.

Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark.

We need this so that we can send you your products 🙂

Yes. But Boostified mainly works with products in exchange for a post on Instagram. If it’s a paid advertisement we will mark this in the campaign.

No! If you live in Sweden we will pay your taxes.

Of course, no problem!

Note! We can not handle, check or see collaborations outside our platform. That is, if you choose to work with companies outside our platform, we can not know how they handle your taxation. Our recommendation is that you clearly ask companies how they handle your cooperation and follow Swedens tax agency new guidelines.