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5 ways to create a beautiful Instagram Feed

You often talk about making a good first impression, this is important on your instagram as well. It’s not enough to create good content, you need to have a suiting feed as well.

With our list you can turn your instagram from good to excellent!

Choose an Instagram aesthetic
Try to follow the common aesthetic (and make it inviting!) that follows through your feed. This gives you more freedom in what content you can post and when. Check your feed to see what you like more, maybe a more light or colorful feeling? It’s important to have continuity throughout your instagram!

Choose similar filters to keep a continuity in your feed
To create a natural feed it’s good to edit your pictures in similar ways and not to chose different types of filters each time. Find filters that works good together and stick to these.

Om du har en bild som du gärna vill posta men den passar inte riktigt in. Då är ett tips att göra bilden svart och vit, det brukar bli mer accepterat i flödet på så sätt.

 A great feed includes pictures that match
It’s not only about editing your pictures, you need to be selective with which one you post. One example is that if your pictures are more lighter, a dark picture will not match your feed.

If you have a picture you really want to post, but doesn’t suit the feed… a tip is to make it black/white. Pictures in black/white usually works with all types of pictures.

Don’t let your Instagram feed lose its entirety.

Don’t let your Instagram feed lose its entirety

Sometimes it’s good for you to study your feed. How does it all fit together? The best types of feeds have strong identity, but still a varying flow. For example, maybe not two selfies next to each other. The biggest challenge is to make pictures look good together! If you upload a picture, study it and if it doesn’t fit you can just delete it, upload something else and save that picture for later.

Att få ihop ett fint Instagramflöde tar tid och planering
Om du verkligen vill komma till nästa nivå med ditt Instagramflöde så är vårt tips att du lägger ner tid och passion. Många av de stora Instagrammare lägger 1-2 dagar i veckan på att redigera och fixa sina instagramflöden innan de publicerar bilderna under veckan.

Detta är endast tips! Hitta det som känns rätt för dig!