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OMG! You can now buy UGC ?

Finally, we are proud to release our highly requested new feature; User Generated Content! You are now given the possibility to buy pictures from your campaigns in high standard format.

For Companies & Brands

Tell your stories with the help of your chosen creator’s inspiring pictures. The pictures you receive are always free to use on your social media, however, now you can buy pictures from each of your campaigns in high quality for print, your website or for other marketing purposes.

The prices are Free for social media shareing, 100SEK for website and 200SEK for print.

Simply boost your image- storage with creative, original and authentic pictures that represent your ongoing campaign?

But what about us Creators?

Well, this is of course a win-win situation for all of you involved! You as a creator have the opportunity to earn money on the content you produce for your customers. We have always been very proud of the quality, time and effort you put in when accepted to a campaign, which drives us to give back to you what we can! ?