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Hope you have not missed reading this short but oh so important text? Recommendations of products and services on social media is something we see on a daily basis. To create appealing and interesting content with pictures, movies and texts demands both time and engagement from you. But what are the guidelines to follow when … Continue reading Tag as ad
Let’s get personal with Lina Bäckström
The next person from Boostified that you will get to know is our colleague from our sales team. Lina Bäckström has the role Creative Sales and she is a real star at creating new, long lasting relationships with clients. You have the role as Creative Sales. How would you describe your average workday? Wow, my … Continue reading Let’s get personal with Lina Bäckström
This weeks BIG WOW!!
You can not have missed the BIG WOW from last week!! We had a collaboration with the blogger and influencer Moa Mattsson. Moa has showed the functionality and usage of our payment tool Boostified Pay on her blog and Instagram. During one day she visits both Designtorget and Holy Greens, and she got products by … Continue reading This weeks BIG WOW!!
How Boostified Pay works for Holy Greens!
In the spring of 2019 Boostified launched their new payment service - Boostified Pay. Holy Greens at Baltzargatan 26 i Malmö was one of the first companies to use the service of Boostified Pay. The shift leader Isabell W at Baltzargatan 26 describes Boostified Pay as a smooth and effective payment service. Why did you … Continue reading How Boostified Pay works for Holy Greens!
6 tips on how to maximize your sales on special days ?
The dark winter months are here but why should that matter when you have all the wonderful holidays ahead? During the holidays and special days, there is a great focus on promotions and marketing to increase sales. But the question is; how do you promote in the best way during these days? Boostified’s CSO and … Continue reading 6 tips on how to maximize your sales on special days ?
New feautures
Your own image bank directly in your company profile! For us, it is important that you as a company easily and smoothly can follow how your campaign is going. As before, you can access statistics in the form of number of published posts, likes, comments, engagements and reach. Directly under the statistics you now also … Continue reading New feautures
Meet our developer at Boostified ?
"Boråsaren" Christoffer Siggelin is a developer at Boostified, he has done large parts of the development of Boostified's digital solution. Christoffer has a degree in interaction design, but discovered during his studies his talent for programming. Previously he freelanced and have done everything from advanced sites to iOS apps. In the summer of 2017 he … Continue reading Meet our developer at Boostified ?
Are you struggling to get customers to your stores?
We are now launching Boostified Pay for all retail stores in Stockholm and Copenhagen. Boostified Pay helps you drive traffic to your retail stores by having our local members recommend your retail stores to their friends. Boostified Pay works just as easily as paying by card, the difference is that you now pay with a … Continue reading Are you struggling to get customers to your stores?
Hi Filippa Lindau ?
Filippa Lindau blogs on Nouw and on her Instagram we can follow her life & everyday life which is filled with joy, beautiful outfits, tips and her travels. She is a social, energetic and happy girl who we would like to get to know a little better! How old are you? I am 23 years … Continue reading Hi Filippa Lindau ?
What is Boosting our Account Manager? ?
Now the wait is over! Many of you have asked about her and now it is finally time for us to introduce another of our amazing employees. The person from the Boostified-gang is.... ? our sales queen aka Account Manager Mimmi Dahlkvist. ? Here at Boostified you are the Account Manager, what does that mean? … Continue reading What is Boosting our Account Manager? ?
Ten things you didn’t know about Boostified ?
If you get 10 out of 10 we will buy you cake! ? 1. We started as an idea from our sister company Our sister company Creative Peoples, that is a social media agency received a lot of requests about influencers. After some successful campaigns, Boostified was born! 2. We are more women than men … Continue reading Ten things you didn’t know about Boostified ?
5 questions with Alice Söderholm
Alice travels a lot and creates beautiful pictures from amazing places. You also get daily inspiration from Alices Instagram, go check it out! How old are you? I’m 20 years old. When did you become an influencer? This summer I came in contact with various companies through Instagram, which opened my eyes to this world. … Continue reading 5 questions with Alice Söderholm
How to succeed with your content ?
Matilda Warme works as a photographer and digital creator at Boostifieds sister company Creative peoples. They are experts in social media! We asked Matilda if she could give us her best tips to succeed with your social media and how to take the perfect picture for a collaboration. Is it still important to spend time … Continue reading How to succeed with your content ?
This or that with our Booking Manager ?
The last interview you got to know our CSO Aleksis a bit better and since we have a fantastic HQ at Boostified with inspiring, hard working and creative coworkers we now have one more ? for you! This time we proudly present (drumroll).. our Booking Manager Tilda Håkansson! Describe Tilda in three sentences… Wow, tricky … Continue reading This or that with our Booking Manager ?
Boost your engagement on Instagram?
We L-O-V-E ❤️ to see that more people are spending time delivering beutiful and inspiring feeds on Instagram. But to be reach out to your followers is difficult and therefore, we have collect some tips for you to boost your engagement on Instagram and increase the opportunity to reach out to more followers!? 1. Be … Continue reading Boost your engagement on Instagram?
Get to know Adrienne Daudi?
Adrienne Daudis instagram inspire us with her amazing pictures that tells us all about her everyday life. We can follow her journey of fitness but she also posts content from food, outfits and some exciting trips! Her latest collaboration was with Designtorget where she shared a Christmas gift tip about “The book about me”? Interested … Continue reading Get to know Adrienne Daudi?
A quick interview with our CSO Aleksis ?
You wanted to see more of Boostified HQ and of course we wanted to make this happen! First out is our Chief Sales Officer, Aleksis Riihijärvi! Who are you? Haha, thats a weird question!! ? I can say anything but if you want to form your own opinion about me - check my instagram @aaleksis … Continue reading A quick interview with our CSO Aleksis ?
Important stuff to think about as an influencer ?
“Do I need to pay taxes on the products I receive? Do I really have to write "in collaboration with" on my posts?" All these questions and so little answers. Stay calm, we will help you figure everything out! We have collected the five most common questions. If you do not find your answer below, … Continue reading Important stuff to think about as an influencer ?
Imagine life without having a cold ??
H*ll yeah, you heard that right! Colleagues coughing at work, parents bringing their sick kid to preschool, passengers on the bus sneezing like there is no tomorrow. No thank you! ColdZyme is a magical product that both prevents and shortens your cold. The best thing is that it suits your purse and you can bring … Continue reading Imagine life without having a cold ??
“5 questions with Malin Jakobsson”
Malin is a content creator that delivers beautiful pictures from beautiful places around the world. She quit her job, sold her apartment and bought a one way ticket to the Philippines. You can read more about this exciting journey on her instagram. 1.How old are you? I just turned 28 years. 2. When did you … Continue reading “5 questions with Malin Jakobsson”