Team Rynkeby ? Boostified
"WE HAVE NOT REACHED OUR GOAL UNTIL WE END CHILD CANCER" The quote above is from Team Rynkeby who have cycled to Paris every summer for the last 10 years for the Children's Cancer Foundation. Since January 2020, Boostified has been a proud platinum sponsor for Team Rynkeby and now we extend a hand to … Continue reading Team Rynkeby ? Boostified
We are switching things up!
We are constantly striving to evolve and time by time, finding new ways to make our service easier for YOU, our members! We flip the switch on our QR-code This means that from now on, it will be easier to use Boostified Pay, both for stores and our members. As oppose from how it used … Continue reading We are switching things up!
Stay at home with Libero
Together with Libero a campaign was made to spread awareness about the importance of staying home, in regard to the Covid- 19 virus. In connection with this campaign, Libero donated 1 million SEK to “Save the Children” and “Giving People” to help as much as possible. The purpose of the campaign was to together with … Continue reading Stay at home with Libero
It’s time to declare your Tax Return!
Today it's time to declare your tax return and we know that being an influencer is not only easy! A number of forms must be completed and it is also the influencers' own responsibility to document which products and the market value they received during the year. Accordingly, we at Boostified have developed a system … Continue reading It’s time to declare your Tax Return!
Dare to be creative- 3 simple guidelines
In today’s society where everything is becoming more and more digital, most of us associate influencer marketing primarily with consumer marketing, meaning Business to Consumer (B2C). Nonetheless, influencer marketing can serve as an influential tool for Business to Business (B2B) as well, in their mission to reach target audience and is gaining larger interest than … Continue reading Dare to be creative- 3 simple guidelines
Welcoming two new stores: KOL & VACKER ??
Last week two exciting new companies were launched for Boostified Pay; the hair salon VACKER and the restaurant KOL in both Malmö and Helsingborg. This allows you as a creator, to visit KOL and pick up a take-away lunch or dinner and visit VACKER and get your hair done at their hair salon in either … Continue reading Welcoming two new stores: KOL & VACKER ??
How stores & brands adapt to Covid-19
The prevailing situation in the world has affected all of us, individuals as well as companies and brands. Many industries are currently being challenged with major changes and challenges as a result of Covid-19. However, we now see fast and innovative solutions and ideas on more measures that people are taking to save their companies … Continue reading How stores & brands adapt to Covid-19
OMG! You can now buy UGC ?
Finally, we are proud to release our highly requested new feature; User Generated Content! You are now given the possibility to buy pictures from your campaigns in high standard format. For Companies & Brands Tell your stories with the help of your chosen creator’s inspiring pictures. The pictures you receive are always free to use … Continue reading OMG! You can now buy UGC ?
Covid-19 & Social Media
The Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19 is not only spreading physically across the globe but also digitally through different channels of social media. The implications of the virus are obviously negative; however, we want to share with you how the digital society can be of help when dealing with the situation, regardless if you are … Continue reading Covid-19 & Social Media
4 simple tips for those of us working from home
Companies are encouraging their employees and everyone who has the opportunity, to work from home. At Boostified, we want to do what we can to continue support B2B companies despite the circumstances that Corona has caused. Working from home is nothing new, but many are less used to what it means. Here are Boostified's best … Continue reading 4 simple tips for those of us working from home
Instagram friendly has reach a whole new level
Did you know that 69% of us takes a photo of our food before we eat it? The interest of having an “Insta-friendly” environment in retail stores, restaurants or in cafés, has evidentially increased over the past couple of years which tells us that food has become a huge part of today’s social networking. Some … Continue reading Instagram friendly has reach a whole new level
Boostified Pay has now launched at Designtorget in Stockholm and Malmö
Did you know that Designtorget is available via Boostified Pay in Stockholm and Malmö ?! You can now visit Designtorget at kulturhuset, Kungsgatan in Stockholm and Södra förstadsgatan in Malmö. See available products for you in the Boostified App. This year we officially released our prices on Boostified Pay. Boostified Pay helps stores / restaurants drive … Continue reading Boostified Pay has now launched at Designtorget in Stockholm and Malmö
Why Recommendations?
”Pay with your recommendation” we say- but at this point, you’re probably wondering what makes a recommendation so much more affordable than your average, traditional marketing? The answer is pretty easy. It’s all about word of mouth! When you incorporate this into your marketing strategy, you are more likely to get a cost-effective result. Why? … Continue reading Why Recommendations?
Creator account- What does it mean?
Everything you need to know about the Instagram creator account! Initially Instagram opened for the opportunity of creator account with the desire to separate influencers or creators from businesses.  The features and tools available for a creator account specially targets the people who are not attached to more traditional business models. So, how do you … Continue reading Creator account- What does it mean?
Tag as ad
Hope you have not missed reading this short but oh so important text? Recommendations of products and services on social media is something we see on a daily basis. To create appealing and interesting content with pictures, movies and texts demands both time and engagement from you. But what are the guidelines to follow when … Continue reading Tag as ad
Let’s get personal with Lina Bäckström
The next person from Boostified that you will get to know is our colleague from our sales team. Lina Bäckström has the role Creative Sales and she is a real star at creating new, long lasting relationships with clients. You have the role as Creative Sales. How would you describe your average workday? Wow, my … Continue reading Let’s get personal with Lina Bäckström
This weeks BIG WOW!!
You can not have missed the BIG WOW from last week!! We had a collaboration with the blogger and influencer Moa Mattsson. Moa has showed the functionality and usage of our payment tool Boostified Pay on her blog and Instagram. During one day she visits both Designtorget and Holy Greens, and she got products by … Continue reading This weeks BIG WOW!!
How Boostified Pay works for Holy Greens!
In the spring of 2019 Boostified launched their new payment service - Boostified Pay. Holy Greens at Baltzargatan 26 i Malmö was one of the first companies to use the service of Boostified Pay. The shift leader Isabell W at Baltzargatan 26 describes Boostified Pay as a smooth and effective payment service. Why did you … Continue reading How Boostified Pay works for Holy Greens!
6 tips on how to maximize your sales on special days ?
The dark winter months are here but why should that matter when you have all the wonderful holidays ahead? During the holidays and special days, there is a great focus on promotions and marketing to increase sales. But the question is; how do you promote in the best way during these days? Boostified’s CSO and … Continue reading 6 tips on how to maximize your sales on special days ?
New feautures
Your own image bank directly in your company profile! For us, it is important that you as a company easily and smoothly can follow how your campaign is going. As before, you can access statistics in the form of number of published posts, likes, comments, engagements and reach. Directly under the statistics you now also … Continue reading New feautures