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New feautures

Your own image bank directly in your company profile!

For us, it is important that you as a company easily and smoothly can follow how your campaign is going. As before, you can access statistics in the form of number of published posts, likes, comments, engagements and reach. Directly under the statistics you now also have access to your own image bank. Here you will find all pictures Boostified’s members have published with your brand.

Get morse customers to your store by using Boostified ™ Pay!

Are you thinking about how you can get more people to your store? At Boostified we have the answer. Today we have a new strong and important currency – recommendations. Most people buy products based on what others influence and recommend. Therefore recommendations on social media is super important today. With Boostified, our members help create more customers to your store through posts on Instagram & Instagram Stories.

The posts should clearly show which store they are in and what they were shopping, to attract local consumers to visit the store, to make a similar purchase, this creates incredible opportunities for sales.

A new strong and significant currency is increasing – recommendations!

UGC for Instagram

You can never have to much content. Luckily you have a whole image bank to use. As we mentioned earlier, in your company profile you have access to all pictures published by Boostified’s members with your brand.
When our members publish photos for your campaigns, you have the right to use these photos on your Instagram account. Remember to give and take – if you use pictures from our members, it’s pretty cool to give photo cred. ?


At Boostified’s we are constantly evolving! If there are any features you lack that you recommend we add – contact us at info@boostified.com!