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Let’s get personal with Lina Bäckström

The next person from Boostified that you will get to know is our colleague from our sales team. Lina Bäckström has the role Creative Sales and she is a real star at creating new, long lasting relationships with clients.

You have the role as Creative Sales. How would you describe your average workday?
Wow, my days varies a lot, but an “average” workday usually contains calls with clients, meetings with a walk through of our platform and campaign planning to be able to deliver customized solutions for each client. The main focus for my role is to sell our awesome service and prove its value for the clients!

Have you always wanted to work with sales?
Absolutely not! I once said that I would NEVER work as a sales person. I have an education within international sales and marketing. Back then I was completely sure on that I wanted to work with marketing, which made me begin at the “community”-department during my 19 weeks long internship at Boostified. Five weeks in I wanted to try sales instead since I am motivated by goals, contact with clients, a variety in my work (and money). After my internship finished I was employed as a sales person on full time! I do not regret a second of it today.

What is the best part of your job?
To be able to ring the bell when I have sold, hehe. That means that I have helped a client, which is the nice part of my work.

If you got the chance to work with anything in the world during a day, which profession or role would you choose?
A daycare for dogs, HOW cozy to be able to cuddle with dogs a whole day.

To ring the bell!

Five quick questions:

Are you a coffee-, energy drink- or Cola Zero-person?
Hmm, Cola Zero is nice but if I only got to choose one I would choose coffee.

What can’t you live without – pizza, tacos or pasta?
Tacos, all day – every day. Have you tried banana in tacos? I am famous for liking that magical combination.

What color dominates in your closet?
Black black black.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which three things would you bring?
Do I have to be practical? Or else it would be rosé, sun protection and a book = vacay ?

Are you a morning- or night person?
Morning, I can not remember the last time I slept longer than 07.30 a.m. That is when I am most effective.

Thank you so much Lina! Would not mind being stuck on a deserted island with you ?

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