Velvet collection

With 20 years of experience and committed makeup artist and skin therapists in store, KICKS has developed their own beautyline. Say hi to KICKS Beauty. KICKS Beauty assume what customer like best. As a customer you should love KICKS Beauty as much as they do themselves.

KICKS Beauty launched a limited edition collection just before Christmas 2018. The collection was named Velvet Collection and contained a make up kit with Kicks Limited Edition Velvet Face Palette, Kicks Limited Edition Velvet Lip Cream and Kicks Limited Edition Face Brushes. In addition, the campaign also included KICKS Beauty’s latest mascara collection.

The ambition with the campaign was to highlight KICKS Beauty’s limited Christmas collection, Velvet Collection, and their new mascara collection. With help from Boostified’s fantastic influencers, with some guidelines for maximum marketing, we ensured that KICKS Beauty’s new collection got an increased reach and visibility.

With focus on increasing the need and brand awareness of KICKS Beauty’s Limited Edition Velvet Collection, the campaign ended with 34 attractive posts. This 34 attractive posts gace a total of 12.632 likes and 415 comments. The campaign reached up to 288.262 persons (with a vision of a reach of 250.000) and the engagement reached 4.56%. NICE!

Likes 130
Comments 415
Reach 286 262
Engagement 4.56%
Posts 34

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