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Instagram friendly has reach a whole new level

Did you know that 69% of us takes a photo of our food before we eat it? The interest of having an “Insta-friendly” environment in retail stores, restaurants or in cafés, has evidentially increased over the past couple of years which tells us that food has become a huge part of today’s social networking.

Some even say that having an Insta-friendly or Instagrammable environment, SHOULD be part of your marketing strategy, because of how people prefer to search on the place on Instagram rather than on a website and decides whether or not to go there based on the place’s Instagram feed. What is more, it gives people direct access to other people’s opinions on the food or the products and it is safe to say that Instagram goes hand in hand with word-of-mouth.

So, what really makes a place Insta-friendly?

There is a new wave of ‘Insta-friendly’ restaurants launching around the globe. Each element of these restaurants has been carefully crafted; from the decor and lighting to the way food is presented, all with the sole intention of customers posting photos on Instagram.” — Adglow.

HOWEVER, if rebuilding and re-decorating your store or restaurant is not on the agenda, don’t fear! Here are 3 tips you can use on Instagram to increase your reach and attract new followers;

1. Create a Hashtag connected to your restaurant. It helps bild your community.

2. Create Story Highlights. The highlights works as a menu for people who are interested in your restaurant.

3. Partner up with Instagram Creators. Food is a given subject for Instagram Creators today. Working with them and their recommendations is a great way to market your restaurant.