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In what countries are we active in?


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To become a part of our community you need:

– We do not accept any accounts that uses any kind of services that enforces followers or engagement. 

– Your followers must be real people, no bots, which means that your followers need to have an organic growth and no “follow trains”.  

Your account has to be public

In order to go through your account, Boostified needs to have access to a minimum of 50 pictures.

To become part of our community you need to be  +18 years old.

Engagement is a measurement that measures the amount of engagement that is available in your posts. It shows how many of your followers engages in your account. Factors that effect this are comments and likes. You can measure your engagement here.

Today we are active in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

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Some of our brands


Contact us, find answers to your questions or share your opinions, we are here to help you!

It’s super easy! Once you have been accepted to Boostified’s community you can start apply to retailers and brands in our marketplace. There you find all the important information such as deadlines, hashtags and mentions etc. When you are accepted you will receive a notification and you will be able to get your products!

– 18> years old
– Minimum 1000 followers
– Minimum 50 pictures on your Instagram
– Your account needs to be public
– You need to live in the countries where Boostified is active in (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland).

Some other inputs you should think about when applying to Boostified: 

– Boostified is looking for accounts with high quality pictures and creativity.

– We do not accept any kind of accounts that uses services that enhances followers or engagement.

– Your followers need to be real people and not bots. No “follow trains”.

– Your account need to consist of pictures of your own. We do not accept fan-accounts, screen shots etc.

No it does not!

Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland.

We need your information to send products and to pay taxes for the products you receive.

Yes! Boostified primarily works with products in exchange for Instagram posts, however, sometimes we do have payed collaborations.

No! Boostified pays your taxes for the products you receive via us.

Of course!

NOTE, important to understand! We can not stand for, control or see collaborations outside our own community. That means that if you choose to work with another company, we do not know how they deal with payment etc.  We recommend to always ask how companies deal with the products and taxes before committing to a collaboration.  

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