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How stores & brands adapt to Covid-19

The prevailing situation in the world has affected all of us, individuals as well as companies and brands. Many industries are currently being challenged with major changes and challenges as a result of Covid-19. However, we now see fast and innovative solutions and ideas on more measures that people are taking to save their companies and adapt to the new situation.

Due to restrictions and advice from the government, many stores and restaurants have started offering take-away and pickup of products and goods. In addition, restaurants and cafes have been able to increase the number of orders because they offer takeaway at discounted prices. The same goes for stores and an exciting example is Lagerhaus, which has both physical and digital stores that have had to bring in extra staff from the office to the stock room due to the great pressure their e-commerce has right now. According to Lagerhaus, their sales have increased to 3.5 times as much since the advice to work from home was introduced.

In addition, during the week, the company began to enable home delivery to offer purchases even for those customers who do not want to or have the opportunity to go to a physical store because of Covid-19. Another successful example is the digital service Karma that sells food through an app. 8,000 stakeholders are connected and thanks to the app they can continue to sell despite the circumstances and according to Karma, 1 million households are active and using the app.

So how do you market your store or restaurant?

We are inspired by the innovative fast-thinking solutions that we see around the country and we want to help all industries continue to be effective. Thanks to Boostified Pay, we are proud to be able to contribute to continuing to give traffic and pickups of products and goods. With Boostified Pay you can gain access to our network of companies or brands with +16,000 creators (micro-influencers) who can create traffic and spread awareness to your store/restaurant on Instagram. Of course, you as a company have complete control over which products to promote, and what location, as well as which creators you choose to work with.

Contact us if you want to get started, if you have a favorite store that you want to support or if you have any good ideas on how we can help local shops and restaurants in these times!

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