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Hi Filippa Lindau   👋🏼

Filippa Lindau blogs on Nouw and on her Instagram we can follow her life & everyday life which is filled with joy, beautiful outfits, tips and her travels.

She is a social, energetic and happy girl who we would like to get to know a little better!

How old are you?
I am 23 years old.

What strategy do you have on Instagram?
I don’t think much more than updating with what I like, not over-analyzing too much when it comes to pictures and the feed. Choose pics that inspire others!

How often do you publish posts?
I actually try to reduce it due to stress but it usually becomes a picture during the day.

Why do you choose to work with Boostified?
It is an easy platform to use for collaboration. Very fun and good partners and variety.

Update a lot, find your niche, be yourself!

How do you choose which brands you want to collaborate with and why.
I choose brands that I love and use myself, but also brands that I feel I can support 100%. Also it’s always fun to try new brands that have caught your eye.

What influencer inspires you and why?
My favorite is @alexiiak, such a cool and strong mom who fights with her beautiful daughters, one of whom has cancer and at the same time she is so inspiring outward, love her style!
@hannalicious is also a favorite as she do her thing and never gives up, power girl!

Finally, Filippa’s three best tips for growing on Instagram are “Update a lot, find your niche, be yourself!” You can find her Instagram here! ❤️