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Ohh wow! New page? ?

H*ll yeah, new page! Why you may wonder? Brands will find it time-consuming to find the right influencers and information. Precious time will go to research, contact and negotiating. On this new site we want to share with you how you can easily save time when working with influencer marketing. Boostified started in January 2017 and in only 2 years we have grown with rocket speed now work with over 200 brands and thousands of influencers using our platform. With the main focus on micro influencers (+1000 followers on instagram) Boostified help brands to sponsor their products straight to influencers. It is thanks to our digital platform and distribution team that this is possible.

We are very happy with our growth and proud that the majority of our investment goes to influencers that need to boost their career.

Take a look around! If you have feedback please let us know.?