Mango Monday Mood

Froosh business is fruit – nothing else! Froosh create their own smoothies by squeezing, pressing and mashing lots of top quality fruit into glass bottles and paper cans. The idea is to make it a little bit easier, and a little bit better to get enough fruit each day and live a healthy life.

With a desire to boost Froosh smoothie with a taste of mango and orange, the campaign “Mango Monday Mood” grew. 39 influencers would increase the awareness about Froosh mango & orange using an orange t-shirt, x amount of smoothies and a selfie. Preferably on a Monday. The result turned out great!

39 posts, 15.806 likes and 1.149 comments later, the campaign “Mango Monday Mood” had a reach of 341,000 people and a engagement of 4.97%. Amazing – another successful campaign with Froosh!

Likes 15.806
Comments 1149
Reach 341.000
Engagement 4.97%
Posts 39

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