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Boostified Pay has now launched at Designtorget in Stockholm and Malmö

Did you know that Designtorget is available via Boostified Pay in Stockholm and Malmö ?! You can now visit Designtorget at kulturhuset, Kungsgatan in Stockholm and Södra förstadsgatan in Malmö. See available products for you in the Boostified App.

This year we officially released our prices on Boostified Pay. Boostified Pay helps stores / restaurants drive traffic by local creators recommends to their friends with a post on Instagram. Boostified Pay work just as easily as paying with a debit card, the difference is that you now pay with a post on Instagram in exchange of a free product.

“Sustainable and high quality products”

Designtorget aims to offer affordable products with high quality. They put a lot of emphasis on sustainability and good standard transportation.

Leave your wallet at home and simply take a picture & post it on Instagram?

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!