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Creator account- What does it mean?

Everything you need to know about the Instagram creator account!

Initially Instagram opened for the opportunity of creator account with the desire to separate influencers or creators from businesses.  The features and tools available for a creator account specially targets the people who are not attached to more traditional business models.

So, how do you change your account? Well, it is actually pretty simple! Step 1. Go to settings on your Instagram profile and choose “Account” then “Switch to Creator Account”. Step 2. Now you are free to choose a category that best suits you. Step 3. You have to link your account to a Facebook page; this is a mandatory step since you will have to log in via Facebook through your Instagram account, to still be able to see our amazing campaigns. Step 4. Finished- Time to check out your new features!

But whats in it for You?

You might wonder why you should go through these new processes. Let us tell you why!

To start with, the Instagram creator account gives you the opportunity to really develop and explore your personal brand, as well as choosing a label that is right for you. What is more, you will have much more insights in how to get your page to start growing, see and know more about your audience and followers along with much more.

Please note that in order to switch to a creator account, your profile needs to be public.

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