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Covid-19 & Social Media

The Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19 is not only spreading physically across the globe but also digitally through different channels of social media. The implications of the virus are obviously negative; however, we want to share with you how the digital society can be of help when dealing with the situation, regardless if you are a company or an individual.

The outbreak is creating disruption in our routine, businesses and in our day to day lives and even more of us tend to look to social media for help, information, support and as a way to escape. With a lot of us now staying at home, we start to see a trend of how the usage of social media has grown significant over the past months.

So how can social media and the community it builds help us in times effected by Covid-19?

B2B & C2B Love?

Primarily when thinking of social media, we tend to associate it with inspiration and perhaps consumption, but as a result of what is happening across the globe, we are starting to see a trend where businesses use social media as a platform to share information and help each other. What is more, platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn are growing with groups sharing advices, free digital seminars and even free trial periods. Businesses are giving helping hands to their fellow businesses and consumers, which is creating a sense of power and belonging. Not only companies are taking advantage of their digital voice to do good, but also individuals, like me and you, helping neighbors who are in a potential risk zone to do their groceries or other chores they might need help with.

We want to encourage each and every one of you to keep using social media as a tool to stay connected, spread positivity and bring people virtually and digitally closer!

Education & Positivity?

With a lot of people across Europe being in quarantine, working from home or just taking extra precautions social media can be used as an endless resource for more than spreading the news om Coronavirus. As seen in France, Spain and Italy a lot videos a spreading over social media where people are opening up their balconies, singing together and playing music together and in a way sending love. https://www.instagram.com/euronews.tv/ In a time where much negativity and sad news are flourishing, this is especially inspiring to see.

Another tool social media and internet in general is proving in this time period is education. From learning a new language to attending a digital seminar about “How to keep selling to customers in Corona-times”, we all have an hour to spear and what better way to spend it than on education?!

To conclude, we want to share positivity and encourage to keep yourself up to date with everything that is happening. We are doing what we can to share valuable information for you and your business- but we recommend that you follow recommendations from authorities, however in the meanwhile, keep smiling and take care of yourselves!