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Boost your engagement on Instagram?

We L-O-V-E ❤️ to see that more people are spending time delivering beutiful and inspiring feeds on Instagram. But to be reach out to your followers is difficult and therefore, we have collect some tips for you to boost your engagement on Instagram and increase the opportunity to reach out to more followers!?

1. Be active on others people’s accounts✍?
Like, like, like, comment, comment, comment. The best trick to boost your engagement on your own Instagram is to be engaged and active on others. BUT – make sure to be genuine, real and honest. You should only comment on the pictures that you actually like and make sure you read through what the caption is about. It can quickly shine through if you only comment to make a comment.

2. Find your focus
Highlight what you are best at! Are you good at interior? Focus your account on interior. Are you good at fashion? Focus on fashion?? Do you travel a lot? Focus your account after that ? You name it! In this way, you give your followers a simple and quick overview of what your account includes and you can easily find like-minded people who have a genuine interest in what you publish. But don’t forget to take various pictures so you create a value for your followers.

3. Post your pictures when your followers are active ?
If you haven’t already change your account to a business profile, then do it – now! When you have a business profile, your can check your statistics about your followers. Where they come from, their age and which cities most of your followers comes from. How awesome? ? With the statistics you can see what time of day your followers are most active and which day most of your followers visit your account. This allows you to post your picture just in the right time to boost the chance to reaching out to more people. Win-win!

4. Ask questions in your captions ??
Give your followers a reason to comment on your posts. Write a comprehensive caption where you ask a question to your followers. Then it becomes more natural for you followers to comment and in the next step that will boost your engagement.

5. Use hashtags and tag location, people and companies in your photos?
When you use hashtags you increase the possibility of being visible to those who have an interest in your account but who have not yet discovered you. Each post may contain 30 hashtags and each hashtags gives you the chance to reach out to new followers – but (‼️)