Assignments conditions

This agreement applies to people who are registered outside Sweden.

The contractor (you as a creator) shall perform his duties in accordance with the instructions given by Boostified in performing the respective accepted assignments. The contractor shall perform assigned work in a carefully and adequately manner with each accepted assignment under the respective employment. The contractor should always make best use of Boostified’s and its clients’ interests.

The parties agree that, for Boostifieds and its clients, it is important that the Contractor is service-oriented and, by all means, by all means good representatives of Boostified and the client, and that this is an important prerequisite for each position. The contractor is expected to comply with the equipment required by the Contractor’s duties.

The contractor must publish the number of posts required by the campaign and the image must be published before the agreed deadline, unless otherwise decided.

The brand must be clearly visible in the image.

The contractor must use the right hashtags and mentions and these should be included in copyn, ie. not in the comment field.

The contractor must state that the publication is “in collaboration with” Boostified’s client.

The image should last for at least 3 months.

The image must be published separately from other collaborations and if the Contractor makes an album with multiple images, the product must be visible on the first image.

The contractor may only display the promotion’s product / service and do not have other competing brands in the image.

The contractor may not make his / her account private during the promotion period and for three months thereafter.

The contractor undertakes to each executed order delivered on Instagram to automatically transfer the image rights to Boostified and its clients. The rights apply only to sharing on social media.

In the case of work performed, the Contractor shall receive the compensation agreed upon for each individual accepted assignment. The compensation consists mostly of product / service.

If the work is not performed at all or carried out in contravention of the terms of the campaign, the Contractor is obliged to repay all claims paid for the individual employment on the claim. Boostified has the right to value products / services according to its market value and the Contractor accepts such valuation in advance.

In the event of a disease, the Contractor shall at any time refuse to submit a request for a contract.

The contractor undertakes to observe, in the course of his employment and after termination of employment, the duties and other relationships of Boostified and its clients whom the Contractor has learned about the employment and, because of the nature of the case, should not come to the knowledge of third parties. .ex. Requirements placed on the Contractor during a particular campaign.

An individual fixed-term employment termination is terminated without prior notice and without compensation after the term of office employment.