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Are you struggling to get customers to your stores?

We are now launching Boostified Pay for all retail stores in Stockholm and Copenhagen. Boostified Pay helps you drive traffic to your retail stores by having our local members recommend your retail stores to their friends. Boostified Pay works just as easily as paying by card, the difference is that you now pay with a post on social media.

“According to Svensk Handel’s new forecast, 11,000 stores and 49,000 retail jobs may disappear by 2025.”

As a solution to this, we are launching Boostified ™ Pay for retail stores – In exchange for free products, Boostified’s members will publish posts where it is clearly shown which store they are in and what they were shopping, all this to attract local consumers to visit the store.

Read more about our Payment Tool in Resume’s article, HERE (Note! It’s in Swedish)

It’s easy to set up and no complicated integrations are needed. Here’s how in practice:

1. You connect your/your stores to Boostified Pay. It’s a monthly/annual fee that’s give you access to an unlimited number of people to pick up products in your store. You always choose in advance how many products you want to give out.

2. Boostified members can now see your products in the Boostified App. During a visit, members will display their QR code where your staff scans the QR code via Boostified’s QR reader. The staff can easily see what products they are allowed to give out and can therefore function as a means of payment at the cash register (no integrations into existing systems are required).

Thats it! Everything can be followed up LIVE in Boostified’s digital platform where posts and statistics are collected daily. Want to know more? Please contact us at info@boostified.se.