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Boostified converts their influencers to employees

The Swedish Tax Agency sets stricter taxation rules that will affect all who sponsor influencers with products and services. Boostified’s solution pays influencers taxations and helps companies to sponsor without hassle.

All jobs/payments are going to be taxed somehow, but how? From January 2019, and for some employers already July 2018, new rules will apply for the employer’s declaration. All registered employers are required to report payments and deductions at individual level each month. That is, everything from cash, products, services, press releases, loan clothes, (non-protective clothing) etc. becomes a payment that will have to be taxed.

The questions are endless and it’s not easy to keep an eye on everything. Our goal is to become a filter for influencers and companies. We want them to be able to focus on their brands and we assist with administration. The demand for sending out products to influencers is big.

An example of what applies for influencers

“I have received products, must I pay taxes?
Yes. The basic rule is that you will pay taxes if you retain a product, whether you promote it or not. What you need to pay taxes for is the price you would have paid if you bought the product – it may range from small sums to brand jeans and mobile phones.

You also need to pay taxes for products you’ve received but which you give away or lotto to your followers, the value does not matter. You do not have to tax for a product you return or do not even pick up. ” – Source