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4 simple tips for those of us working from home

Companies are encouraging their employees and everyone who has the opportunity, to work from home. At Boostified, we want to do what we can to continue support B2B companies despite the circumstances that Corona has caused. Working from home is nothing new, but many are less used to what it means. Here are Boostified’s best tips for managing the new job situation:

1. Get Movin’!

No matter what your morning routine usually looks like, fresh air is always a good idea before embarking on your workday. Usually you may ride a bike to work, walk to the train or park your car and walk the last bit, in which case you should not neglect the chance to exercise and stay active if the opportunity exists. If you are worried about the risk of infection you can avoid gym facilities, but a powerwalk or a run gives you good energy and a great start to the day ?

2. Dress for Success!

Working from home is not like your usual working days and the advice to “see it as a regular workday” is hence not so informative. However, one important aspect is to maintain your clothing and hygiene routines. Take a shower, get dressed and put on clothes you would normally wear in the office. Sure, we all think it’s comfortable to linger in lingerie and our sweat’s, but it also makes us adopt a certain mode and affects us more mentally than we might think. ?

3. Stay connected!

You are not alone in working from home. Take advantage of today’s technology and have digital meetings. Stay in good contact with your colleagues; How does everyone’s day look like? What is their schedule for the week? What are your colleagues’ goals? It can be nice to have some kind of contact even if it is not physical and it is important to be up to date on your colleagues plans as well as your own. ?

4. Keep your working hours!

Considering working from home, it may be more difficult to feel free at the end of the day. Create an “office space” in your home, and “leave” the office when your workday is over. Even at this point, it is important that you communicate with your colleagues when your day begins and when it ends. At the end of you workday, check in with your colleagues how everyone’s day went, before you close down and let the evening be a time dedicated to family or yourself.

Lastly, we want to take the opportunity to shed some light to industries that are going through an especially hard time at the moment. Do what you can to support your local retail stores and restaurants and try to see your time at home as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. We are all in this together!

Do you have any tips or ideas on how we can help each other? Contact Us!