Imagine life without having a cold 💁🏼
H*ll yeah, you heard that right! Colleagues coughing at work, parents bringing their sick kid to preschool, passengers on the bus sneezing like there is no tomorrow. No thank you! ColdZyme is a magical product that both prevents and shortens your cold. The best thing is that it suits your purse and you can bring … Continue reading Imagine life without having a cold 💁🏼
“5 questions with Malin Jakobsson”
Malin is a content creator that delivers beautiful pictures from beautiful places around the world. She quit her job, sold her apartment and bought a one way ticket to the Philippines. You can read more about this exciting journey on her instagram. 1.How old are you? I just turned 28 years. 2. When did you … Continue reading “5 questions with Malin Jakobsson”
Boostified converts their influencers to employees
The Swedish Tax Agency sets stricter taxation rules that will affect all who sponsor influencers with products and services. Boostified's solution pays influencers taxations and helps companies to sponsor without hassle. All jobs/payments are going to be taxed somehow, but how? From January 2019, and for some employers already July 2018, new rules will apply for … Continue reading Boostified converts their influencers to employees
5 ways to create a beautiful Instagram Feed
You often talk about making a good first impression, this is important on your instagram as well. It’s not enough to create good content, you need to have a suiting feed as well. With our list you can turn your instagram from good to excellent! Choose an Instagram aesthetic Try to follow the common aesthetic … Continue reading 5 ways to create a beautiful Instagram Feed
Ohh wow! New page? ?
H*ll yeah, new page! Why you may wonder? Brands will find it time-consuming to find the right influencers and information. Precious time will go to research, contact and negotiating. On this new site we want to share with you how you can easily save time when working with influencer marketing. Boostified started in January 2017 … Continue reading Ohh wow! New page? ?